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Welcome to Bay Tandoori

Namaste, Sat Sri Akal and Salaam,

Welcome to Bay Tandoori, an authentic Indian tandoori restaurant located in Sydney's lower north shore suburb of Waverton, near Crows Nest and North Sydney. Whether you are looking for a delicious Indian dining experience or a gourmet meal to take-away, at Bay Tandoori you will experience the real taste and flavour of a range of Indian curries and tandoori dishes. We provide a truly distinctive and memorable Indian dining experience right here in the north shore. Regional winner of the 2013 Tasty Takeaway Awards: Best Indian in the North Shore, we are sure you will love our food. 



Whether it is a family get together or a dinner for two, Bay Tandoori at Waverton is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for a delicious Indian curry or a specialty from the tandoor. Open 7 days from 5:00pm, Bay Tandoori is a casual dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. Why not download our menu or contact us today to book your table, order your next meal or plan your next event at Bay Tandoori.

We deliver to the following locations: Cremorne, Crows Nest, Greenwich, Lavender Bay, North Sydney, McMahons Point, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay, St Leonards, Waverton and Wollstonecraft but have been known to deliver elsewhere at times (just ask one of our friendly staff).

Interested in having Bay Tandoori's award winning food at your next function or event. Go to our functions and catering page for a full list of catering services that we provide.

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Half Price Main Monday

Buy a main meal when you dine in on a Monday night and receive another main meal of equal or lesser value for half price.

Family Funday Sunday

Buy a main meal when you dine in on a Sunday night and receive a complimentary kid's meal (u12s).

Party Planner Special

Book for a group of 10 or more and receive a complimentary Singh's Special Banquet for 2 the next time you dine with us. Just ask when paying.

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India is an ancient land of centuries old traditions, of multiple faiths, of numerous languages and as many dialects, all of which are woven into a rich tapestry of culture that never ceases to amaze. The history of this amazing land can be traced all the way back to one of the earliest civilizations in the world, dating back to over three thousand years.

The cuisine of India is a culmination of eons of historical, religious and geographical influences and each region of the land has its own finely defined cuisine. Yet it is possible to define the salient features of what is considered as being one of the greatest cuisines of the world.

Indian food is characterized by the rich spectrum of spices in which it is cooked, giving the food its inimitable flavour and aroma. Spice, in a culinary sense, embraces dried seeds, berries, bark, rhizomes, flowers, leaves and chillies. Spices have always been considered to be India's prime commodity and the use of spice in India is recorded in Sanskrit texts dating back to over 3000 years. Although the use of spice can be termed as a common denominator, the variation in Indian food from region to region is quite staggering. The key feature of Indian food is that it is regional first and Indian next.

Indian cuisine has evolved to incorporate religious and caste restrictions, weather, geography and the influence of foreign invasions over the years. For example, the Brahmin caste are usually strict vegetarians, but in the coastal states of West Bengal and Kerala, where fresh fish is in abundance, it is a part of their daily diet. South Indians generally speaking, are orthodox in their tastes, probably because eating meat in a hot climate is not very conducive to health. In the North, the weather varies from scorching summers to bitter-cold winters, so, the food there is rich and aromatic. Also, the Mughal influence has added new flavours, meats with cream and butter sauces, lamb marinated in yogurt, meat cooked for several hours to an inimitable silky texture with dates and nuts, saffron flavoured rice cooked with meat, all of which make the North Indian cuisine famous for exotic non-vegetarian food.

A typical North-Indian meal consists of chapatis/rotis (unleavened bread baked on a griddle), parathas, (unleavened bread fried on a griddle) or naan (unleavened bread baked in a tandoor), rice and an assortment of dishes such as curries, dals (lentils), spiced vegetables, curd, chutney and pickles. A typical is also accompanied by buttermilk or lassi. Buttermilk or whipped yogurt is either sweetened or served salty and is a very refreshing drink, especially in the summer. Wheat is the staple food in North India. Stuffed parathas are one of the popular uses of wheat. A stuffed paratha is shredded vegetables mixed with spices stuffed into dough, which is then rolled and roasted. Indian cottage cheese called paneer is another popular North Indian dish, which is cooked in a wide variety of curries and with vegetables.

A North Indian meal is not complete without a dish cooked in the tandoor. This is the traditional rounded-top oven made of brick and clay and fired with coal. The tandoor cooks food over a direct heat produced from a smoky fire. The most common food that is cooked in a tandoor is naan; an Indian bread slapped directly onto the oven's clay walls and left to bake until puffy and lightly browned. Different types of meat, marinated with spices, ginger, garlic paste and curd are also cooked in the tandoor. They are usually skewered and thrust into the oven's heat, which is usually over 250°C. This intense heat is able to cook half a chicken to perfection in less than 5 minutes. The Bay Tandoori kitchen boasts an authentic tandoori oven. It is not uncommon for customers to double take at our tandoori specialties, served on sizzling dishes. The aroma of the sizzling platters is enough to leave you salivating!

Tea is highly popular amongst North Indians. Tea from the hills of Darjeeling and Kalimpong is rapidly boiled in milk, water and spices and is served with sugar. It is sold almost everywhere in North India. From busy urban street corners to hidden alleyways, at bus depots, railway platforms and in train carriages, along riversides and on footpaths that lead to pilgrimage sites or to the middle of nowhere — when you need a fresh cup of tea, a “chai wallah” (tea seller) is always near. Chai wallahs take pride in their chai and all North Indians tend to have a soft spot for the loud calls of the chai wallah. Some chai wallahs add special ingredients to their chai such as ginger, a pinch of garam masala powder, or a strand of saffron to create a unique flavour and to keep to their customers coming back. When it comes to a chai walla, it is often their skills and performance that sell their chai. Many chai wallahs let the chai boil up until an instant before it is going to spill over the side, then with great agility, swirl the pot an inch over the flame, suspending it in an almost-boiling-over state before removing it from the heat and then repeating the trick again in front of customers.

About Us

Bay Tandoori specialises in authentic Indian cuisine, its culinary products dating back to ancient India. The cuisine of India is over 3000 years old, and while it retains its essence, it has also been heavily influenced by the culinary preferences of its many invaders.

Traditional Indian restaurants were social places in the Indian subcontinent, frequented by royals and colonists. Their dishes were flavoured by a blend of spices that wafted a sweet aroma through the Indian night. Over the centuries, the Greeks, Persians and Portuguese invaded India. Under their influence, the art of Indian cooking transformed into a fusion of palatable delights which are unique from the cuisines of the rest of the world.

Bay Tandoori has masters of Indian cooking creating you a scrumptious treat of Indian delicacies, prepared in the Indian Tandoor. Our chefs recreate for you, the magic of Indian cuisine, and we do hope that you cherish both the presentation as well as the taste of our Indian tandoori kitchen, which we proudly present to you.